about me

Hi, Im Dan!  I find great interest in all digital technologies and latest design practices. I started my career in 2006 when I finished my studies at Vega School of Brand Leadership in Johannesburg, South Africa. I graduated with a degree in brand leadership specializing in multimedia and interactive design. From there, I began to play around with different coding and scripting languages which took me on an even greater journey. I found my passion in the digital and online space. I began to grab every book and watch every tutorial on new languages and technologies out there developing my knowledge thus improving my skillset.

I have a good understanding of the following languages, Flash Actionscript 2 (AS2), PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS and Javascript/jQuery.

I have scripted three fully functional interactive games with sound, scorebars and moving characters in Adobe Flash.

I also have knowledge of CMS platforms such as WordPress , Kentico, Silverstripe and Adobe Experience Manager(A.E.M).

Give me a shout, I would love to hear from you!.